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Photographic Society of South Africa

The Cycad

Laeveld Fotografiese Klub hou ons 
maandelikse klubaand by hierdie 
pragtige Lodge.

We gather every 3rd Wednesday evening 
of the month at The Cycad.

Chairman's Message for 2012:

I would like to start by thanking all of you,  present at the AGM,  for selecting me and entrusting  me with the responsibility  of chairperson for the Lowveld Photographic  Club  for 2012. With your help,  we will keep Lowveld Photographic Club in touch with the needs of our members.

My mission as chairperson,  is to facilitate the implementation of ideas brought forward by our members to ensure that this club will and can achieve its ultimate goal, the enjoyment of our mutual passion: “PHOTOGRAPHY”

I want to encourage our members to expand their views beyond club competition and to make the sky their limit, by firstly,  to join PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa), secondly, to participate in national and international salons and thirdly, to apply for honours with PSSA, as well as diamond ratings.
We all thrive on acknowledgement and recognition.  However,  that should not  be our only goal, but it surely is a barometer to measure yourself to a standard set by highly skilled photographers of PSSA.
I am excited to announce, that this year’s  committee members,  are ALL highly skilled and experienced administrators and technical experts and  it is a privilege to have such a competent team on board.

We are facing a very exciting year,  starting off with the hosting of our first print salon, initiated (and to a large extent),  organized by Jacobus Aucamp.  I wish everyone involved all the best and would like to also encourage  all our members to  assist wherever necessary, so that we can make this event a huge success.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members for guidance or discussion of any club-related matter. After all……..this club was founded for YOUR enjoyment and fulfilment.  Let us all have fun, whilst improving our photographic skills!

Yours in photography
Maria Koch Jansen van Vuuren  (APSSA)



Maria Koch Jansen van Vuuren - Voorsitter
Human Meyer - Onder Voorsitter

Steve de Villiers
Lucia Streuderst
Jacques Eybers
Jacobus Aucamp

Pierre Joubert - Administration
Colyn Serfontein - Sys Admin



Ons het pragtige fasiliteite danksy The Cycad en ons klub aande is daarop ingestel om aan lede 'n heerlike ondervinding te wees.

Join us and expand your knowledge about photography in a club that pays attention to detail.

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Laeveld Fotografiese Klub is a volle afiliaal van die Photographic Society of South Africa - PSSA.

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