Welcome to ImageLink ... where photographers meet.

I can imagine that you are asking yourself ... "Why do we need another photographic site ?"

Allow me to answer that ...

The advent of digital photography has changed a lot of the environmental factors that photographers have to deal with and the Internet hit us with an avalanche of resources for knowledge and assistance.

The big problem is that many of the serious amateur photographers are sort of technically challenged. The simple reason for that is that we did not grow up with this technology and changes in the world forced us to participate or get completely disconnected.

I am fortunate in that I chose and IT career back in the 1980's and as such was on the forefront of the digital era. As time went by my world grew from the very obscure to the standard and people from my age group found themselves to become more and more sidelined by the upcoming generation.

A few years back I realised that someone needs to cater for the older generation that are not naturally comfortable on the Internet. In my professional environment I try to ensure that all our web interfaces are simple, clean and non intimidating. I do not pursue the most modern facilities that can make websites look like high tech movie experiences and I want navigation and general look and feel to be easy and well presented.

In doing that in my professional career I quickly realised that the older people are usually first introduced to Internet Banking and from my experience I have seen that the banks that employed clean and uncluttered interfaces are the ones that get the best customer feedback.

Ok now with that in mind I decided to follow a route where my web pages must have a "bank" style look and feel. That is why our pages are presented as you see them here.

For the digital photographer the biggest challenge is usually to come to grips with doing his own processing of his images. In the old days we dropped the roll of film off at the lab and technicians did all that was needed to give us a good print back. That is no longer the case and although cameras are getting better and better, you will always see the need for a bit of processing. Be it a slight contrast, exposure or saturation change or a better crop.

This means that the serious photographer was forced to get acquainted with some sort of software package that allowed him or her to manipulate the digital files and produce better images.

Another challenge quickly reared it's head ... handling all those image files, in some cases it quickly jumps into the thousands. This again requires software to help with your catalog.

Next the clubs began to offer digital Salons and we had to learn how to use something like Photovault. Pretty soon the PSSA engaged us through their website. Clubs created web pages and soon some clubs created forums. Many clubs include Facebook in their communications and Twitter is there.

All this development just kept on pounding us and made us reel under the electronic onslaught ... AND ALL WE REALLY WANT TO DO ... is to take photos.

ImageLink will try and keep things simple and provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the digital things that touch our photos.

Thank you for reading.